Merit Badge Counselor Registration

Q:  Why does BSA policy require scouts to talk to their unit leader and get a signed "blue card" to work on a merit badge?

A:  Scouts should only be working with registered, trained, adults with YPT!  It is up to the unit leader to make sure a MBC has met those requirements by confirming the MBC is registered.

To register as a Monticello District merit badge counselor (MBC), complete the following:

  1. Complete an adult application even if you have already completed an application for another volunteer role in BSA  NO FEE!

  2. Complete a MBC application

  3. Have current YPT (send a copy of your YPT certificate with your application)

  4. Complete the online MBC training and send a copy of your training certificate.

  1. Return the completed forms to the Monticello District Advancement Chair Susan Randall Murphy at Roundtable or email

For more information on the merit badge process, please review the 2015 BSA Guide to Advancement  Section 7 The Merit Badge Program