Eagle Board of Review

Congratulations on completing your Eagle project! To schedule your Eagle Board of Review (BOR), please make the request through your troop leadership. Your troop leadership schedules the BOR with the Southern District Eagle Board representative, Judy Goodbar.

BSA Guide to Advancement Section

"A board of review shall not occur until after the local council has verified the application."

The District Eagle Board representative will need copies of the following before the BOR may be scheduled. Bring the originals to the BOR.

1. completed and signed workbook

2. completed, signed and verified Eagle application

3. life purpose paper

The Unit obtains recommendations from the references listed under requirement 2 on the Eagle Scout Rank Application. This may be done by letter, form, or phone call. Most units have the scout request letters of recommendation be sent to the scoutmaster and kept sealed until the BOR. For reasons of privacy and confidentiality, electronic submissions are discouraged.

UNIT LEADERS, please read the 2015 BSA Guide to Advancement Section Particulars for the Eagle Scout Rank.